Three Simple Tips for Home Buyers


Are your firsttime home buyer? Well if you are, I have three simple tips to help you on your home buying journey.

They are really simple, and they’re super important!

Tip #1: Get Pre-Qualified – Find out what you’re able to buy.

Go and speak to your bank or mortgage lender to find what you can qualify for.

A couple of things to bring with are your W2s so that way they can see we’ve made of the past couple years and know what they can qualify you for.

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect home, not just the perfect home, the PURRRFECT home and then realizing you can’t afford it.

Find out what your pre-qualified for.

TIP#2: Know what you want out of your neighborhood. Things to think about while you’re shopping.

THIS IS REALLY BIG! Do you want to live in the suburbs? Or do you want to live near downtown? Do you want to resell home? The reason for it if you find that perfect home and it’s not the right neighborhood you’re not gonna buy it!! What about a New Build? Maybe a new development? Maybe that’s not important to you, maybe want to be closer to parks and outdoor recreation.

Is a family-friendly area? Are the schools that are in that neighborhood important? How far away are they? Do you want to be within walking distance, or the bus okay? What I suggest is putting a list together.

You want to put down three “Must Haves” out of your neighborhood, all the rest are going to go on your wishlist. This way when we start going out, exploring those neighborhoods you’re looking to move into.

What we can do is focus on those three things.  See what houses are in that area, versus maybe another neighborhood, so when we compare if we find the perfect home then we can take a look at the wish list items which are all the other items you put down that aren’t “must haves” and see how many boxes we can check off.

This will definitely help when trying to figure out which house will be the best house for you.

Tip #3: Work with the Realtor!

You already know me, so reach out! As a Realtor we are not all the same. We all have access to all the same information but we all different.  So find out who works the same way you do.

Did you know that for every property that you see that you might like, there’s 4 that you don’t see. I’m talking about suspended listings, cancelled listings, withdrawn listings, and expired listings. I would love to share that information.

So to recap: Get pre-qualified, know your neighborhoods, and work with a Realtor.

If you’re thinking about buying a home you can contact me today! You can Text me! Call me! Email me, Facebook me, Email me, (I think I already said that) reach out to me on my contact page.

Or grab that phone you have your pocket call me (386) 316-4253. But in the meantime apply these 3 tips to your home buying journey, and I’m sure it’s going to give you a benefit.